7 Books to Unwind with This Summer

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Sharon Vinderine is the founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved. She is all about finding the latest and greatest products for families and has been ranked as Entrepreneur of the Year. She has been on over 200 TV shows (yes, Steve Harvey really is that tall), and when she isn’t busy running her community of 130,000 moms, she is reading. Literally. Every free second she has. Even when she is drying her hair. #NoBookLeftBehind. Sign up to the Parent Tested Parent Approved community for the opportunity to test new products with your family! 

Downtime. Everyone needs it. What better way to escape the chaos than a good book? Whether it’s a mystery or a romance, or even a business book with some inspiration, relaxing books are the way I escape the noise. If I had to run out of the house in case of a fire, my ereader would be the only thing I would need to grab on the way out, other than my family of course! Read on for Sharon’s list of books that helped her escape the noise.