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About Us

BookBub is a rapidly growing startup launched by serial entrepreneurs and run by a team gathered from the publishing and tech industries. Every day millions of readers use our service to discover great books, and thousands of leading publishers and authors work with us to drive sales and find new fans.

Connecting readers with great deals on ebooks is just the beginning for BookBub. The rise of digital publishing is altering the way books are found, purchased, and read. We’re expanding our team to help address the challenges and opportunities of the publishing industry while continuing to help readers find books and authors they’ll love.

Perks of working with us

Meaningful compensation

All employees receive competitive salaries and significant stock options. Money isn’t everything, but we believe organizations do best when the entire team is well compensated and shares in success.

Flexible schedules

We don’t obsess over when people are in the office and have a “take-what-you-need” vacation policy. We work hard, but understand that people are most productive when they can manage their own schedules.

Social events

We work together as a team, learn from each other, and have fun. And that camaraderie also extends beyond work projects into regular company outings, game nights, happy hours, sports clubs, and of course, a book club.

Comprehensive benefits

We offer a variety of health, dental, and vision insurance plans across several carriers so employees can customize to their needs. Other perks include commuter discounts, top-notch office space, and a kitchen stocked with free drinks and snacks.

Entrepreneurial location

We’re headquartered in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, right next to the MIT campus, perhaps the most concentrated square mile of startups, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial people in the world.

Personalized equipment

Each person we hire chooses their own computing equipment. We never want our team to be held up by slow technology, so we believe in buying the systems that help each individual work best.

What to Expect

Long-Term Focus

We steer clear of short-sighted initiatives, especially when they’re at the expense of our team’s work-life balance. As such, we avoid burnout traps like all nighters and unrealistic deadlines. We’re driven, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Transparency & Communication

We share all of our key metrics and milestones — whether good or bad — in a weekly company-wide meeting. Transparency keeps everyone informed, builds trust, and helps us all make smart, data-driven decisions.

Learning & Growth

Intellectual curiosity and continuous learning are highly valued at BookBub. We have opportunities for mentoring, lunch-and-learns, outside classes, conferences, and ample chances to collaborate across disciplines.

Inclusive Environment

We believe strong companies are built from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We strive to foster a positive and inclusive environment, where everyone feels supported, comfortable, and completely part of the team.

Teams at BookBub

Curious about BookBub’s teams and their respective responsibilities? We’ve put together a quick overview so you can learn more about how we work.

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