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Teams at BookBub

It takes a lot of hard work to build a great book discovery service. That’s why we have over a hundred people collaborating across ten different teams to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that arise from our mission. See one that catches your eye? Apply below!


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BookBub's in-house analytics team works across all of our business units to lead and support strategic decision making at the company. From complex modeling to developing and maintaining our reporting infrastructure, we emphasize solving problems through thoughtful data driven analysis.

Business Development

Business development is the industry-facing side of the company. Also known as the partners team, we work closely with authors and publishers, helping them use BookBub’s tools to sell books and hit their marketing goals. We’re responsible for driving revenue and engagement from our partners, and we believe the most effective way to do this is by empowering authors and publishers through education and customized, goal-oriented advice.

Consumer Marketing

The consumer marketing team's core focus is acquiring new readers through paid and unpaid marketing channels. We are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to reach readers! We do this by exploring new marketing channels, running creative and landing page tests, and by optimizing the conversion and registration process. Additionally, the team also manages campaigns focused on retention and user engagement, branding, and PR.


The content team is responsible for creating, editing, curating, and sharing content with our members. We curate featured deals, highlight exciting new releases, recommend books on our blog, and much more! We use a mixture of publishing expertise, data analysis, and marketing insights to match readers with books they’re sure to love.


BookBub’s design team works to ensure that our readers and partners have great experiences with our products and our brand. We collaborate with teams across the company to design every aspect of what our customers interact with, from our applications to print materials, to exhibition booths at industry events. We believe in the power of design thinking, and that the only way to come up with great ideas is to generate lots of them!


The engineering team is responsible for creating all of the software that powers BookBub. We work in small cross-functional teams with people from design, product, and analytics to build great products. Most of our engineers rotate to new teams once or twice per year, which ensures we don’t become overly specialized and enables BookBub to adapt quickly to new opportunities as they arise.

Finance & Operations

The finance and operations team handles BookBub’s financial records and maintains our office space. We manage the company's daily accounting, collaborate with team leads to create budgets and forecasts, and summarize financial information for both internal and external stakeholders. As our company grows, we also work to ensure that our office space continues to meet our evolving needs.

People Operations

The people operations team is on a mission to create an incredible company where incredible people love to work. We attract and onboard extraordinary talent, develop programs for employee growth, and listen and respond to employee voices. Our ultimate aim is to create employee experiences and a company culture that enable our people to feel professionally challenged and fulfilled, and to perform at their best.

Product Management

Product works across BookBub to figure out what to build next. We lead small, autonomous teams that leverage customer insights and data to help drive our decision making. We love moving fast, digging into data, and finding new ways to delight both readers and partners.

Production & Support

Our Production team members handle the daily operational work required to deliver featured deals and author updates on BookBub and Chirp, moderate reader- and partner-submitted content, and keep our catalog of millions of books up to date — all in service of providing a high-quality, consistent experience for our members. Our Support team provides prompt, thoughtful support to our engaged community of book lovers, and uses insights from our interactions with readers and listeners to help make BookBub and Chirp even better for our members.

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