Goal setting success secrets by raymond le blanc
Goal Setting Success Secrets by Raymond Le Blanc

Are you eager to achieve your goals but feeling overwhelmed by challenges? This common-sense, easy-to-use guide lays out strategies for setting clear tasks — and sticking to them — while staying motivated, bolstering confidence, and more

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If you enjoy living your life without having a purpose and something to work towards, DO NOT buy this book!

"Imagine for a moment that you just learned a powerful goal setting technique that could turn around every aspect of your life — at home and at work..."

This technique will place balance in your life and transforms you into a new human being...

Let Raymond Le Blanc take you by the hand and teach you practical and powerful goal setting techniques that will allow you to finally reach previously unreachable dreams and goals. Learn how to apply the strategies and techniques to your own situation, to let you experience, enjoy and adopt success in your life.

A Sneak Peak into what Le Blanc will teach you:
—Develop a mission and a vision for your career and personal life, and learn strategies for setting and achieving goals
—Learn which habits are the key to success and should become your ally
—Learn how to believe you can succeed and achieve more by thinking positively
—Learn how to increase your pride, satisfaction, and confidence
—Learn how to set goals, how to stick with them
—Learn how to increase your motivation to achieve your desired success, and stay balanced at the same time
—Learn how to cure yourself from the fear of failure and other anxieties that influence the quality of your life
—Learn how to be a survivor of past feelings of defeat
—Use goals to help you grow
—Improve your self-confidence

Keep in mind:

* 60% of people do not set goals.
* 10% of people set goals, but do not write them down.
* 3% of people set goals and write them down and act . . .
* and the 3% does 50 times better than all the others put together!

Welcome to the 3% Club.

Now it is time to drive yourself forward, and focus on being the best you can be.

Order Le Blanc's book today and start revitalizing your life!