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The story of edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

A #1 New York Times bestseller and Oprah’s Book Club pick: Born mute, Edgar Sawtelle lives peacefully on a bucolic farm in Wisconsin. But after his world is shattered by his father’s murder and his mother’s abandonment, Edgar embarks on a life-changing quest for the truth.

$11.99 $1.99

Through July 13

Categories: Literary Fiction, Bestsellers

Black sands by carl goodman
Black Sands by Carl Goodman

Danny earns a living by thwarting hackers — the kind he used to command as the head of a collective known as Nameless. When he’s hired to investigate an attack on a financial firm, he uncovers a terrifying plot — and gains a chance at redemption.

$3.49 Free!

Through July 4

Category: Thrillers

Watch me die by lee goldberg
Watch Me Die by Lee Goldberg

A New York Times bestselling author delivers a breakneck thriller “with a completely satisfying ending you won’t see coming” (Barry Eisler). Security guard Harvey Mapes learned about detective work from TV and novels — but an unexpected case launches him on a deadly investigation.

$4.99 $0.99

Through July 2

Category: Thrillers

The wooden horse by gregory a freeman and eric williams
The Wooden Horse by Eric Williams

When Royal Air Force bomber captain Eric Williams is shot down over Germany, he survives... only to end up in Stalag Luft III, the notorious POW camp. But he has a long-shot plan for escape in this inspiring tale based on a true story.

$9.99 $1.99

Through July 6

Category: Action & Adventure

When you re ready by j l berg
When You’re Ready by J.L. Berg

Still reeling from her husband’s death, single mother Clare finds new hope when she meets Logan, a gorgeous — yet troubled — physician. How much will each of them risk for love? With nearly 350 glittering five-star reviews on Amazon.

$2.99 Free!

Category: Contemporary Romance

Matched by s e hall and angela graham
Matched by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham

Eight men, eight women, a single mansion in paradise... What could go wrong on the ultimate reality show? “Fun and playful, sweet and sexy... A five-star read everyone should experience” (Erin Noelle, USA Today bestselling author).

$3.99 $0.99

Through July 6

Category: Contemporary Romance

Mistaken kiss by kathleen baldwin
Mistaken Kiss by Kathleen Baldwin

In this enchanting Regency romance, Willa’s dull existence suddenly brightens when she accidentally kisses Alex, the village’s handsome black sheep. Will this be her one taste of excitement? Or can the vicar’s little sister have the life of her dreams?

$2.99 Free!

Through July 4

Category: Historical Romance

The elizabeth chater regency romance collection 1 by elizabeth chater
The Elizabeth Chater Regency Romance Collection #1 by Elizabeth Chater

A delightful, heartwarming collection: Despite the attentions of three handsome dukes and a charming earl, these four women are not looking for love — but they may find it in the most unlikely places!

$2.99 $0.99

Through July 7

Category: Historical Romance

Sinjin by h p mallory
Sinjin by HP Mallory

From a New York Times bestselling author comes a spellbinding romantic adventure. Imprisoned in the Underworld, Bryn fights against its deadly allure — but can her warrior’s heart resist the magnetic charm of vampire Sinjin Sinclair?

$3.99 Free!

Through July 18

Category: Paranormal Romance

Lost in italy by stacey joy netzel
Lost in Italy by Stacey Joy Netzel

Halli’s Italian vacation takes a dramatic turn when she accidentally films a murder and is whisked away by handsome movie star Trent Tomlin! An award-winning romance from a USA Today bestselling author.

$4.99 $0.99

Through July 5

Category: Romantic Suspense

Beautiful entourage by e l todd
Beautiful Entourage by E. L. Todd

As an escort, Rhett has three unbreakable rules: no kissing, no feelings — and definitely no sex! But when gorgeous Aspen hires him for a special mission, Rhett’s rulebook starts to unravel in this captivating love story with over 130 five-star reviews on Amazon.

$4.99 $0.99

Through July 8

Category: New Adult & College Romance

Anna s bear by o w shumaker
Anna’s Bear by O.W. Shumaker

Bewitched by Hitler’s bizarre ideology, Inga, Max, and Steffin have devoted their lives to the Third Reich. But when two-year-old Anna is brought to a clinic, the fight for her life will leave them forever changed...

$2.99 $0.99

Through July 14

Category: Historical Fiction

The renaissance by j h plumb
The Renaissance by J.H. Plumb

Beginning in the 14th century, Italy unleashed one of the greatest explosions of innovation, industry, and artistic genius in world history. From an eminent British historian comes a fascinating account of this turbulent yet seminal time.

$9.99 $2.99

Through August 2

Category: History

Queen of the air by dean n jensen
Queen of the Air by Dean Jensen

A riveting true-life Water for Elephants! As a dazzling trapeze artist and circus performer, Leitzel led a life of high-flying fame and romance — only to have her story end in tragedy. “Shocking and heartbreaking” (Publishers Weekly starred review).

$11.99 $1.99

Through July 12

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

A woman seeking god by dorothy kelley patterson
A Woman Seeking God by Dorothy Kelley Patterson

An inspirational collection about living in accordance with God’s Word. With practical advice and scriptural guidance, this volume will speak to women looking to affirm their faith in God in all aspects of life.

$9.99 $0.99

Through July 7

Category: Religious & Inspirational