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From a New York Times bestselling author: In the land of Kurald Galain, a violent struggle for power threatens to topple an entire civilization… “Readers may besiege the libraries because of Erikson’s epic’s resemblance to George R. R. Martin’s bestselling A Game of Thrones” (Booklist).

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Category: Fantasy

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Audrey and her son return from a camping trip to find that the majority of humankind has been wiped out. The cause of the disaster is unknown — and it’s nowhere near over…

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Category: Horror

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“Delightful, dark, and entertaining” (New York Times bestselling author Jeff VanderMeer): In this gothic retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Evadne discovers a shadowy world of demons and their servants. “A great choice for fans of supernatural fantasy set in the Victorian era” (Booklist).

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Categories: Fantasy, Supernatural Suspense

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At 13, Venus Black committed a shocking crime that tore her family apart. Released from prison five years later, she must pick up the pieces and start anew. “It’s impossible not to root for this strong, willful girl as she finds her place in the world” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Categories: Bestsellers, Literary Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

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A dazzling complete collection from a USA Today bestselling author: When shy and sheltered Marsha befriends her school’s hot new quarterback, sparks begin to fly — literally — and she’ll uncover secrets that are out of this world.

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Category: Teen & Young Adult