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Under magnolia by frances mayes 2015 07 20
Under Magnolia by Frances Mayes

A “dazzling” memoir (Publishers Weekly) by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun! Join Frances Mayes as she revisits her upbringing in Fitzgerald, Georgia, and the region’s everlasting influence on her life.

$10.69 $1.99

Through August 16

Categories: Bestsellers, Biographies & Memoirs

Double shot by cindy blackburn
Double Shot by Cindy Blackburn

Jessie Hewitt had put her pool hustling days behind her — but when police officer Wilson Rye asks her to go undercover to solve a double homicide, Jessie will have to solve the murders, face her feelings, and keep her eye on the eight ball!

$2.99 Free!

Through August 4

Category: Mysteries

Agnes barton paranormal mysteries books 1 3 by madison johns
Agnes Barton Paranormal Mysteries: Books 1–3 by Madison Johns

From a USA Today bestselling author: Quirky, hilarious sleuths Agnes and Eleanor take on the paranormal in this entertaining box set, complete with compelling mysteries and plenty of twists and turns!

$6.99 $0.99

Through August 8

Category: Mysteries

The assassin s list by scott matthews
The Assassin’s List by Scott Matthews

Attorney Adam Drake discovers a frightening plot against the United States — but the FBI won’t listen. Now he’ll have to fend off a terrorist scheme on his own... With over 150 five-star Amazon reviews.

$2.99 Free!

Through August 5

Category: Thrillers

Special circumstances by sheldon siegel
Special Circumstances by Sheldon Siegel

When Mike Daley’s best friend is charged with murder, the former public defender goes toe-to-toe with the very law firm that recently ousted him. The case soon exposes the firm’s sinister secrets in this ”rousing legal thriller” (Chicago Sun-Times).

$2.99 $0.99

Through August 7

Category: Thrillers

Black rain by graham brown
Black Rain by Graham Brown

From a New York Times bestselling author comes a page-turner that “sizzles with tension and twists” (Steve Berry): When government operative Danielle Laidlaw leads an expedition in search of an ancient Mayan city, her team is threatened by an indigenous tribe and stalked by a mysterious enemy...

$5.99 $0.99

Through August 8

Category: Action & Adventure

Changes by judith arnold
Changes by Judith Arnold

Sophisticated Diana Simms’s life seems neatly laid out for her — until she wanders into a quaint seaside tavern and drops a coin in the jukebox. The song captivates, enchants... and brings her face-to-face with Nick Fiore.

$3.99 Free!

Category: Contemporary Romance

Daisies in the canyon by carolyn brown
Daisies in the Canyon by Carolyn Brown

From a New York Times bestselling author: After her father’s death, Abby Malloy moves to the ranch she inherited, not planning to stay for long. But sexy sheriff Cooper Wilson has other plans in mind... Can he convince Abby she’s right where she belongs?

$3.99 $1.99

Through August 2

Category: Contemporary Romance

Timeswept bride by eugenia riley
Timeswept Bride by Eugenia Riley

“Delightful, witty, enchanting, and fun” (Romantic Times). When abandoned bride Priscilla discovers a message in a bottle, she’s swept back in time to Galveston, Texas. Can handsome Jake convince Priscilla they’re meant for each other?

$3.99 $0.99

Through August 8

Category: Historical Romance

Darkness of light by stacey marie brown
Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown

When magical Ember connects with handsome, mysterious Eli, they uncover secrets that could decide the fate of two worlds. A romantic, suspense-ridden adventure with over 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads!

$0.99 Free!

Category: Paranormal Romance

Big bad wolf by gennita low
Big Bad Wolf by Gennita Low

White-hot suspense from an award-winning author: Jaymee knows there’s something dangerous and alluring about Killian — but she never suspects that he’s a government operative in hiding! Can he keep his secret when he can’t resist her?

$3.99 $0.99

Through August 4

Category: Romantic Suspense

Velvet kisses by addison moore
Velvet Kisses by Addison Moore

Marley Jackson and Wyatt James are both after the same thing: unadulterated, rollicking sex without the potential for heartbreak. But when their feelings for each other start to deepen, will they follow their hearts? From a New York Times bestselling author!

$4.99 $0.99

Through August 3

Category: New Adult & College Romance

1930 by m l gardner
1930 by M.L. Gardner

When Aryl Sullivan is presumed dead, his widow Claire is inconsolable — until her friend Maura helps her to move on and meet kind widower Gordon. But old secrets surface and lives are changed forever after Aryl’s unexpected return.

$2.99 Free!

Through August 3

Category: Historical Fiction

Don t dump the dog by melinda roth and randy grim
Don’t Dump the Dog by Randy Grim with Melinda Roth

If your dog is driving you crazy, don’t give up! This expert guide will help you understand and correct the bad behavior that makes so many dog owners abandon their pets. “Funny, practical, and heartfelt” (Booklist).

$9.99 $1.99

Through August 3

Category: Advice & How-To

First stroke by thomas fleming
First Stroke by Thomas Fleming

In April 1775, a few dozen militiamen defied the British Army at Lexington — and sparked an uprising that changed the world. The early days of the American Revolution come to life in this illuminating account from a New York Times bestselling historian.

$9.99 $2.99

Through September 3

Category: History