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From a Pulitzer Prize–winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author: During the Vietnam War, six runaways travel from country to country searching for belonging. “Rings with authentic detail and clearly descriptive sights and smells” (Publishers Weekly).

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“Perfect for fans of classic fair-play whodunits set in small English villages” (Publishers Weekly): Mordecai Tremaine arrives in the hamlet of Dalmering just as a murder takes place — and the sleuth will have to put his skills to the test…

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A haunted house, a dangerous clown, and an overly caffeinated single mom on the trail of a killer… Chaos ensues in this deliciously entertaining cozy mystery from a USA Today bestselling author!

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Category: Cozy Mysteries

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A home invasion in Tucson forces family man John Turner to confront his complicity in a forgotten South African atrocity. From a “master of suspense” (The Sunday Times) whose “writing is astonishing” (Cleveland Plain Dealer).

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Category: Psychological Thrillers

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To solve a murder, anthropologist Bill Brockton and medical examiner Jess Carter recreate the shocking crime scene at the renowned Body Farm research facility… but their experiment puts Bill in the crosshairs. Brimming with fascinating forensic detail, this New York Times bestseller is “the real deal” (Kathy Reichs).

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Category: Crime Fiction