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After a wrong turn, Sethran Kada awakens in a far-flung galaxy with an alien aboard his ship. Her people are in danger — and when Sethran discovers the ruling Commonwealth’s deadly invasion plot, he flies into rebel territory with no plan but to stay alive and save a species.

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Category: Science Fiction

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With nearly 1,500 five-star Goodreads ratings: Humankind is on the brink of war with monsters that have plagued the world for more than a century in this “fast-paced” occult adventure (Publishers Weekly).

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Category: Horror

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From a New York Times bestselling author: In 1920s Chicago, immortal Nick Medea risks everything to stop an ancient evil from opening a gateway between worlds! “Because of many resemblances to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, urban fantasy fans will be hoping for more from Nick Medea” (Booklist).

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Category: Supernatural Suspense

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On the streets of Victorian London, Maeko is an exceptional thief — but when she stumbles upon a murder, Maeko and her partner-in-crime Chaff must chase a killer across the city…

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Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Ahoy, matey! This choose-your-own-path book gives young adventurers the chance to live a pirate’s life. But beware — danger lurks around every corner! Filled with fun, surf, and colorful illustrations.

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Category: Children's

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From a death row inmate’s potential innocence to an elusive bank robber’s true identity, this riveting anthology brings you a collection of stranger-than-fiction stories from award-winning writers. “Anyone interested in true crime should find something to enjoy in this wide-ranging collection” (Publishers Weekly).

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Category: True Crime

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Shane’s never been a fan of Trey, his sister’s boyfriend, and it’s just his luck that they’re starting college together — as roommates. But as they spend more time together, they realize their mutual dislike might be something else…

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Categories: New Adult Romance, LGBT

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A New York Times bestseller: When Emma moves from bustling New York to a sleepy New England town, she begins renovating a cottage — and finds the unexpected. “Readers of Emily Giffin’s novels… will adore this tale of homecoming and transformation” (Library Journal). A BookBub Editor Pick!

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Category: Chick Lit

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Dusty is doomed to die — unless modern girl Mia can find a way back through the ages to save him. But as she races to change history, both of them are swept away in a romance unbound by time!

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Category: Time Travel Romance

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A New York Times bestseller hailed as “a literary tour de force” (People): This exquisite novel weaves together the story of Ann Eliza Young — Brigham Young’s 19th wife, who left the Mormon Church — with that of a modern man who sets out to unearth a family secret…

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Categories: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Bestsellers

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Ex-cop August Snow returns to his hometown of Detroit — where the murder of a powerful woman thrusts him into a complex web of crime. This “rock-solid” award-winner (Chicago Tribune) “bristles with energy, compassion, humor, and a page-turning plot” (Minneapolis Star Tribune).

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Categories: Crime Fiction, Thrillers

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Tired of waiting for Mr. Right, Kelsey takes matters into her own hands and goes to a fertility clinic. But in a shocking mix-up, cowboy Cole becomes her baby’s father! Is it possible this sexy stranger has come into Kelsey’s life for a reason?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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Jenna, a straitlaced kindergarten teacher, can’t resist her desire for her best friend’s brother, bad boy Colt. Will the unbridled heat between them bring nothing but trouble — or an unlikely chance at true love?

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Category: Erotic Romance

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Keegan is fighting to rebuild her life after fleeing an abusive relationship. But when she is drawn to a mysterious man, can he help her heal old wounds — or will she be dragged down into the darkness again?

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Category: Dark Romance & Erotica

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After an accident leaves Heather stranded in the wilderness overnight, she finds herself face-to-face with a burly mountain man. But Heather has no idea she’s incurred the wrath of a paranormal council — and grizzly shifter Isaiah must bind himself to her before he loses his mate forever.

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Category: Paranormal Romance