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Awakening by joann durgin
Awakening by JoAnn Durgin

When Lexa signs up for mission work in San Antonio, she attracts the attention of program director Sam Lewis. As they rebuild homes for the less fortunate, can these God-fearing souls find love?

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Through May 1st

Category: Religious & Inspirational

Finding bliss by dina silver
Finding Bliss by Dina Silver

After being raised by a troubled, alcoholic mother, Chloe wants nothing more than a family and home of her own — a place where she is safe and loved. Working for the Reeds family may give her that chance, if she can navigate her feelings for their eldest son Tyler….

$3.99 $1.99

Through Apr. 30th

Category: Women's Fiction

The moon dwellers by david estes 2014 04 21
The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

To escape destruction, mankind was forced underground to recreate society. Now Adele — imprisoned for her family’s crimes — must navigate her destiny in the midst of a war that could destroy the realms. Action-packed science fiction with over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon!

$2.99 $0.99

Through Apr. 24th

Category: Science Fiction

Out of time box set books 1 3 by monique martin
Out of Time Box Set: Books 1–3 by Monique Martin

This breathtaking collection begins when an accident sends Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth West back to the Roaring ’20s, where they soon discover that mobsters aren’t the only crooks they need to worry about — especially when vampires are running the speakeasies!

$7.99 $0.99

Through Apr. 23rd

Category: Fantasy

Run by patti larsen 2014 04 21
Run by Patti Larsen

Back with his sister after a year in foster care, 16-year-old Reid finally feels safe — until he wakes up in a strange, endless forest. Chased at every turn by twisted hunters, all he can do is run.

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Category: Horror

Clockwise by elle strauss 2014 04 21
Clockwise by Elle Strauss

After transporting to the eve of the Civil War with Nate Mackenzie, the cutest boy in school, Casey feels her connection to Nate slip away back in this century — but what might happen if they take another trip to the past?

$2.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

How evan broke his head by garth stein
How Evan Broke His Head by Garth Stein

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain: Long ago, Evan’s girlfriend was whisked away by her parents. Fourteen years later, he meets his teenage son and faces his greatest challenge yet — being a father. With over 200 five star ratings on Goodreads.

$9.00 $2.99

Through Apr. 30th

Category: Bestsellers

The greek coffin mystery by ellery queen
The Greek Coffin Mystery by Ellery Queen

From the legendary author whose work Agatha Christie called “something to look forward to” comes a classic tale of expert deduction. When scion Georg Khalkis dies and his will goes missing, Ellery Queen is on the case!

$9.99 $1.99

Through Apr. 30th

Category: Mysteries

King city by lee goldberg
King City by Lee Goldberg

After getting on the bad side of his fellow cops, detective Tom Wade is sent to patrol a deadly neighborhood — and his investigation of murdered young women leads him from gritty wasteland to the privileged elite.... “An unforgettable and deeply compelling character” (Janet Evanovich).

$4.99 $1.99

Through Apr. 30th

Category: Thrillers

Saltwater kisses by krista lakes 2014 04 20
Saltwater Kisses by Krista Lakes

While on vacation, Emma falls hard for incognito billionaire Jack. But when the press finds out about them, she’ll have to choose between living the dream or following her own. Over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon.

$2.99 $0.99

Through Apr. 23rd

Category: Contemporary Romance

Montana homecoming by soraya lane
Montana Homecoming by Soraya Lane

When Amanda Jones returns home to her small Montana town, the first person she sees is local bad boy and her brother’s best friend, Scott Gregory. As teenagers they drove each other crazy, but now there’s a different kind of heat between them...

$2.99 Free!

Through Apr. 23rd

Category: Contemporary Romance

The elusive wife by callie hutton
The Elusive Wife by Callie Hutton

A scorching historical romp! Drunk at his own arranged wedding, the Earl of Coventry must request an annulment from his bride — if only he could recall what she looks like. His hunt through London society would be easier without the distraction of mysterious Lady Olivia, but she may have a secret of her own….

$2.99 $0.99

Through Apr. 27th

Category: Historical Romance

Eternal love the immortal witch series by maggie shayne
Eternal Love: The Immortal Witch Series by Maggie Shayne

Three bewitching romances from a New York Times bestselling author: Town minister Duncan sacrifices himself for Raven when she is sentenced to death for witchcraft; Arianna awakens the Scottish love she lost 500 years ago; and Eannatum searches for high priestess Nidaba, who supposedly died 4,000 years ago....

$5.99 $0.99

Through May 20th

Category: Paranormal Romance

Sin savage by anna mara
Sin & Savage by Anna Mara

Tori heads to Las Vegas to find the man who ripped off her trusting grandmother, but she’ll need protection to infiltrate the city’s seedy criminal network. Outlaw biker Savage Monroe makes the perfect bodyguard — if they can focus on business over pleasure....

$3.99 Free!

Through Apr. 25th

Category: Romantic Suspense

The downing of twa flight 800 by james sanders
The Downing of TWA Flight 800 by James Sanders

In the 1990s, an investigative reporter went to any length necessary to investigate the plane crash of TWA Flight 800 — and was shocked by what he found. Read his controversial discoveries in this newly updated edition.

$7.99 $2.99

Through May 27th

Category: Nonfiction