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At risk by alice hoffman
At Risk by Alice Hoffman

In this moving New York Times bestseller, the Farrells are enjoying the last days of summer — until 11-year-old Amanda is diagnosed with AIDS, and her entire family tumbles into crisis. “Heart-wrenching... Will leave few dry eyes” (Booklist).

$14.99 $1.99

Through May 22

Categories: Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction, Bestsellers

Samson s deal by shelley singer
Samson’s Deal by Shelley Singer

Former Chicago policeman Jake Samson is happy with his quiet life, until an old friend calls him with an enticing case. Out to solve the murder of a professor’s wife, Jake will soon discover that everyone is a suspect — and no one is safe…

$2.99 Free!

Category: Mysteries

Mission to murder by lynn cahoon
Mission to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

In this fast-paced cozy mystery, Jill has to prove her innocence when a squabble over a historical landmark ends in murder... From a New York Times bestselling author!

$5.33 $1.99

Through May 31

Category: Mysteries

Captive justice by rayven t hill
Captive Justice by Rayven T. Hill

At first, private detectives Jake and Annie Lincoln are just supposed to deliver the ransom for a kidnapped woman. But when the abduction turns into a murder case, the pair find themselves on the trail of a madman.

$3.99 Free!

Through May 25

Category: Thrillers

Don t leave me by james scott bell
Don’t Leave Me by James Scott Bell

A Navy chaplain returns from Afghanistan reeling from trauma and finds himself fleeing a dark enemy while striving to save his autistic brother. This breathless thrill-ride from “a master of suspense” (Library Journal) will keep you on the edge of your seat.

$3.99 $0.99

Through May 25

Category: Thrillers

Destiny by tom lowe
Destiny by Tom Lowe

Former CIA code-breaker Paul Marcus is shocked when he stumbles upon old notes from none other than Isaac Newton. The more he studies them, the more he realizes something awful — a truth so terrifying it would shake the world to its core...

$3.99 $0.99

Through May 24

Category: Action & Adventure

Love at bat by elley arden
Love at Bat by Elley Arden

Jordon, Grey, Tag, and Ben all live for America’s pastime... But when some beautiful, fiery women come into their lives, they have to learn a whole new ballgame in this sizzling-hot series of novels!

$2.99 $0.99

Through May 29

Category: Contemporary Romance

Midnight shadow by laurel o donnell
Midnight Shadow by Laurel O’Donnell

Privileged Lord Terran is plagued by a masked thief who champions the poor. He hopes that an advantageous marriage will solve his financial crisis, but his passionate betrothed has a secret... “Medieval romance fans will fall in love with this lively battle of wills” (Romantic Times).

$2.99 $0.99

Through June 5

Category: Historical Romance

Bushwhacked groom by eugenia riley
Bushwhacked Groom by Eugenia Riley

Lucky Lamont is nursing a broken heart when he finds himself thrust into the Wild West! Sassy Molly Reklaw needs a husband to claim her family’s ranch — and unsuspecting Lucky may be just the cowboy she needs…

$3.99 $0.99

Through May 27

Category: Historical Romance

Mythean arcana by linsey hall
Mythean Arcana by Linsey Hall

These four epic, otherworldly romances feature betrayal, destruction, and immensely powerful immortal beings. Follow the triumphs and agonies of ill-fated couples who have been destined to be together for thousands of years.

$9.99 $0.99

Through June 1

Category: Paranormal Romance

Chilled by kendra elliot
Chilled by Kendra Elliot

Nurse Brynn joins a plane crash rescue team along with former US Marshal Alex — who’s not there to help. As he searches the icy landscape for his brother’s murderer, can sweet Brynn melt Alex’s heart? “A tremendous nail-biter of a plot” (Romantic Times) with nearly 500 five-star Amazon reviews.

$4.99 $1.99

Through May 31

Category: Romantic Suspense

Frigid by j lynn and jennifer l armentrout
Frigid by J. Lynn

In this page-turning New York Times bestseller, a blizzard forces best friends Syd and Kyler to confront their true feelings for each other — but will they survive long enough for it to matter? With over 7,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads!

$2.99 $0.99

Through May 29

Category: New Adult & College Romance

Until the sun falls by cecelia holland
Until the Sun Falls by Cecelia Holland

In the years after Genghis Khan’s death, the fearless General Psin leads a Mongol army in a bloody invasion of Russia, even as he struggles with family woes. A breathtaking epic about one of history’s great empires.

$5.99 $1.99

Through May 31

Category: Historical Fiction

Jumpstart your creativity by shawn doyle and steven rowell
Jumpstart Your Creativity by Shawn Doyle and Steven Rowell

Are you ready to unleash your imaginative energies? In this playful yet practical book, you’ll find 10 proven techniques to jolt yourself into creativity, leading to more success in your work and personal life.

$14.99 Free!

Through May 23

Category: Advice & How-To

The sea wolves by lars brownworth
The Sea Wolves by Lars Brownworth

In days of old, the formidable Vikings swept through the British Isles, famously wreaking havoc and conquering all foes. But these Norse warriors were impressive for far more than brute strength. Explore their sophisticated history of trade, law, and literature in this in-depth account of a legendary people.

$6.99 $1.99

Through May 24

Category: History