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Death at la fenice by donna leon
Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon

From a New York Times bestselling author: After famed conductor Helmut Wellauer dies of cyanide poisoning, police commissario Guido Brunetti is overwhelmed with suspects. “One of the most exquisite and subtle detective series ever” (The Washington Post).

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Through March 8

Categories: Mysteries, Bestsellers

Castle cay by lee hanson
Castle Cay by Lee Hanson

Body language expert Julie needs to marshal all of her know-how when she travels to Key West to solve her best friend’s murder. A thrilling mystery with over 300 five-star reviews on Amazon!

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Category: Mysteries

Corps justice box set books 1 3 by c g cooper 2015 02 20
Corps Justice Box Set: Books 1–3 by C. G. Cooper

A thrilling series with over 280 five-star reviews on Amazon. Moments after losing his fiancée, former Marine Cal Stokes gets tangled up in a web of crime and vengeance. And the murder-tinged scandal he uncovers could lead all the way to the top of the American government.

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Category: Action & Adventure

What once was perfect by zoe york
What Once Was Perfect by Zoe York

When Laney skipped town to follow her dreams, Kyle didn’t go with her. Twelve years later, she runs into him at Christmastime — and a flame that was extinguished long ago suddenly reignites. Sensual and sensitive.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Eternal bachelors club books 1 3 by tina folsom
Eternal Bachelors Club: Books 1–3 by Tina Folsom

A New York Times bestselling author presents a trilogy chronicling Daniel and Sabrina’s love story from their first steamy encounter in San Francisco. Can they survive secrets, exes, and deception?

$5.99 $0.99

Through March 2

Category: Contemporary Romance

James harper come come back by ja huss
James & Harper: Come & Come Back by JA Huss

Assassin James Fenici moves through the shadows of the world, stealing the lives of his victims without remorse — until he meets Harper Tate, and she steals his heart. Now James will lie to her as much as he has to in order to lie with her...

$6.99 $0.99

Through March 7

Category: Erotic Romance

Lady eve 8217 s indiscretion by grace burrowes
Lady Eve’s Indiscretion by Grace Burrowes

From a New York Times bestselling author: Fearing that a wedding night will expose her past escapades, beautiful Lady Eve hatches a plan to elude all suitors — but her passionate nature soon gets the better of her in this “tantalizing, delectably sexy story” (Library Journal).

$7.99 $1.99

Through March 9

Category: Historical Romance

Take me by t a grey
Take Me by T. A. Grey

Vampire Dominic must find a mate to secure his position. But he can’t help falling for beautiful Felicity Shaw — the woman who’s planning the mating ceremony. Their passion could not be hotter, but his lies threaten them both…

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Through March 16

Category: Paranormal Romance

Her russian protector boxed set by roxie rivera
Her Russian Protector: Books 1–3 by Roxie Rivera

Three red-hot Russian hunks in one collection — who could resist? Get swept away by tattooed martial artist Ivan, strong and sexy Dimitri, and bad-boy billionaire Yuri in this passionate series packed with danger.

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Through March 30

Category: Romantic Suspense

Get it done when you 8217 re depressed by julie a fast and john d preston
Get It Done When You’re Depressed by Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston

If depression is weighing you down, it can be difficult to perform everyday tasks, let alone achieve your life and career goals. With this deeply understanding and motivational book, learn to accomplish more despite your depression, and take the first steps toward healing.

$9.99 $1.99

Through March 22

Category: Advice & How-To

Out of the woods by lynn darling
Out of the Woods by Lynn Darling

As a single empty nester, Lynn is determined to make some changes. Her moving, witty memoir tells how she left everything behind and found new purpose in rural Vermont. “A marvelous book” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Geraldine Brooks).

$14.99 $1.99

Through March 2

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

The baker 8217 s wife by erin healy
The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy

Audrey’s husband was a pastor, until a scandal forced them out of the church. Now they own a bakery. But a mystery and a tragedy will force Audrey to face the faith she left behind.

$9.99 $0.99

Through March 31

Category: Christian Fiction

Dragonlore the complete trilogy by daniel arenson
Dragonlore: The Complete Trilogy by Daniel Arenson

This glimmering trilogy from an Amazon bestselling author takes you deep into Requiem, an ancient kingdom where people take flight as dragons. But can they match the power of the tyrannical Queen Solina, who vows to destroy them all?

$7.99 $2.99

Through March 6

Category: Fantasy

Open minds by susan kaye quinn
Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

With nearly 450 five-star reviews on Amazon, this action-packed dystopian novel will take you on a wild ride. Kira is an outcast, unable to read minds like the rest of her society. But then she discovers a completely different power…

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Category: Teen & Young Adult

Eclair goes to stella 8217 s by michelle weidenbenner
Éclair Goes to Stella’s by Michelle Weidenbenner

A lovely and thoughtful children’s story that follows Eclair and her little sister as they go to live with their quirky grandmother, Stella. Can this new family find their path?

$2.99 $0.99

Through March 7

Category: Children's