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June Bug by Chris Fabry

Now a Lifetime original movie titled Child of Grace! When young June Bug spots her own face on a missing child poster, a life-altering journey begins… “A stunning success” (Publishers Weekly) with over 900 five-star ratings on Goodreads.

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Category: Christian Fiction

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Star Rebels by Collected Authors

This action-packed science fiction box set features everything from spaceship crashes to intergalactic hackers to encounters with strange aliens. Enjoy stories from USA Today bestselling authors Anthea Sharp, Lindsay Buroker, and more!

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Category: Science Fiction

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Legends II by Collected Authors

Transport yourself to mythical realms with this “stellar compilation” (Booklist) of short fantasy tales. With contributions from Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Brooks, and more.

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Category: Fantasy

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Menagerie by Kristy Tate

Growing up on a quiet, deserted island, Lizbet has been able to talk to animals as far back as she can remember. But when she’s thrust into the real world, can she face danger while keeping her abilities a secret?

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Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Fire and Water by Andrew Grey

Horribly scarred from a tragic accident, officer Red Markham is resigned to being alone — but a chance encounter with a handsome lifeguard changes everything in this captivating romance.

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Categories: LGBT, Contemporary Romance

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Winter at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin

High-flying wedding planner Clio Winters is finally back in her hometown — and she’s ready to turn the aging Cedarwood Lodge into a bustling holiday destination! But will an unexpected guest and buried secrets get in the way? A warm, festive read!

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Category: Chick Lit

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Swept Away by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Ella’s world is upended when she unwittingly travels back in time to the 1600s. Amid the dangers of the past, steadfast and handsome Rowan is determined to keep her safe and capture her heart. A sweeping romance!

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Category: Time Travel Romance

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Tall Tail by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown

Harry and her feline companions uncover a shocking bit of history when a modern-day murder points to Virginia’s turbulent past… From a New York Times bestselling author hailed as “the queen of the talking animal cozy” (Publishers Weekly)!

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Category: Cozy Mysteries

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Ford by Esther E. Schmidt

Violent, dirty-talking Ford is a force to be reckoned with — and when he accidentally abducts beautiful Justice, he’s determined to claim her as his own… A scorching, kinky romance!

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Category: Dark Romance & Erotica

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Dance by Demelza Carlton

A captivating twist on Cinderella: Desperate to escape her stepmother, Mai joins the Emperor’s army — where she comes face-to-face with arrogant prince Yi, a master swordsman who must find a bride!

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Category: Historical Romance

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Picking up the Pieces by Jessica Prince

After years away, Luke returns to his hometown of Cloverleaf — and he’s determined to fix his biggest mistake. Can Emmy forgive the man who broke her heart and left her behind?

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Category: New Adult Romance

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Spencer’s Mountain and The Homecoming by Earl Hamner Jr.

Read the timeless stories that inspired The Waltons! Clay-Boy Spencer comes of age in rural Virginia in this omnibus of two historical novels from an award-winning author. “One finds pure joy in reading, for a change, a positive statement on the potentialities of man” (Harper Lee).

$16.99 $2.99

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Category: Historical Fiction

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The Life of Andrew Jackson by Robert V. Remini

“Superb… vivid” (Publishers Weekly): An acclaimed historian encapsulates Andrew Jackson’s influential and controversial presidency in this portrait that is “rich in detail” (The New York Times Book Review).

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Categories: History, Biographies & Memoirs

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Mexico: A History by Victor Alba

By the time Spanish conquistadors appeared on the scene, Mexico had already been playing host to growing, thriving civilizations for thousands of years. This riveting work explores the country’s storied history, from the ancient Olmecs to the Mexican Revolution.

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Category: History

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The Astronomy Book by DK Publishing

Featuring stunning diagrams, maps, and more, this superb guide to astronomy delves into our knowledge of the universe and the scientists who defined it — and explores fascinating theories about our solar system.

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Categories: Science, General Nonfiction