Psychological damage by alex siegel
Psychological Damage by Alex Siegel

The Gray Spear Society’s Aaron and Marina risk everything to protect a strange little boy from the mob of murderous monks who killed his parents. “A riveting thriller that just won't quit” (Midwest Book Review)

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Category: Action & Adventure

Publisher Description

PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE is the third book in the Gray Spear Society series and the sequel to CARNIVAL OF MAYHEM and APOCALYPSE CULT.

This time, Aaron and Marina suddenly find themselves taking care of a mysterious young boy, Wesley. He is being hunted by an army of Catholic monks who are desperate to destroy him. They have already murdered his parents in front of hundreds of tourists in downtown Chicago. Aaron quickly realizes Wesley is no ordinary child. He transforms the lives of everybody he meets, often creating total chaos in the process. The Society must keep Wesley alive so he can fulfill his destiny, even if it costs them their own lives.

What People Are Saying

"It's a riveting thriller that just won't quit, and is a top pick for both prior fans of the series and newcomers who will receive a quick immersion into the world of Aaron, Marina and their circle." — Midwest Book Review