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Getting your books discovered in today’s crowded marketplace is challenging. Fortunately, BookBub has the tools you need to connect with millions of power readers hungry for their next great book.

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Drive Preorders

Drive Preorders

Want to build awareness and buzz in the lead-up to launch day, or try to hit a bestseller list during launch week? BookBub has tools that can help you spread the word...

Launch a New Release

Launch a New Release

With so many books launching each week, it's hard to be sure your target audience knows about your new release. That's why BookBub makes it easy to...

Featured Deals

Promote a Discount

Looking to expand your reader base or get a high volume of sales in a short time? Discounting a book can help you increase visibility, find new fans, boost sales, generate revenue, and...

Boost Sales and Visibility

Boost Sales and Visibility

Connecting with readers online to cultivate a dedicated fanbase is an excellent way for authors to grow sales and visibility. Fortunately, BookBub has several free marketing tools...


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Significant Reach

BookBub has over 10 million members. Our audience is made up of voracious power readers who consistently turn to BookBub to find their next great book.

Engaged Audience

BookBub’s power readers purchase millions of ebooks each month and are likely to become loyal, long-term fans of the authors they discover on our platform.

Trusted by Readers

Our curated recommendations and nuanced targeting options make it easier for readers to find books they’ll love.

Exceptional Results

We’re committed to building tools that drive sales, increase exposure, and consistently generate a return on investment.

Dedicated Support

Whether you need technical help setting up a campaign or want personalized book marketing advice, BookBub’s partners team can help.

International Reach

Diversify your reader base by promoting books to members in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Note that some of our tools are not yet available outside the US.

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