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Connecting with readers online to cultivate a dedicated fanbase is an excellent way for authors to grow sales and visibility. Fortunately, BookBub has several free marketing tools every author can use to engage with our community of dedicated readers, grow their followings, and boost book sales.

How to boost sales and visibility with BookBub

Author Profile FREE

Claiming an Author Profile allows authors to customize their presence on BookBub’s platform and start growing a following.

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Author Profiles

Grow a Following FREE

Readers can follow authors on BookBub to receive dedicated email alerts about new book launches, preorders, and more. The more followers an author has, the more effective our promotional tools can be.

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Growing Followers

Recommendations FREE

Authors can recommend books they love to engage with their existing fans. We regularly highlight author recommendations on our reader blog and throughout our website, so consistently recommending books can help authors boost exposure and increase their followings.

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BookBub Recommendations

Featured Deals

Every day, BookBub sends a curated list of the best discounted ebooks to our members. Featured books reach millions of power readers who often go on to become loyal, long-term fans of the authors they discover on BookBub. Plus, after each deal, we email any readers who’ve clicked on the book to encourage them to follow the author!

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Featured Deals

BookBub Ads

Use our self-serve advertising platform to reach fans of comparable authors and gain new readers. Our nuanced targeting and flexible setup options allow you to start promoting your books to our audience on any budget and on your own schedule.

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BookBub Ads
76 %

of BookBub’s readers buy books after getting recommendations from authors they like. They trust recs from authors as much as friends and family!

Success Story

How one partner grew her author platform with BookBub

Dead Girl Running
Christina Dodd

“Over the past year, I gained 25K BookBub followers. Having so many followers helps me regularly reach existing readers and gain exposure to new ones.”

—Christina Dodd

New York Times bestselling author


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