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Want to build awareness and buzz in the lead-up to launch day, or try to hit a bestseller list during launch week? BookBub has tools that can help you spread the word about a preorder and generate pre-release sales.

How to promote a preorder with BookBub

Preorder Alerts

Target the readers most likely to preorder a new release: existing fans. Authors with over 1,000 followers can send a dedicated email to their BookBub followers to announce a preorder. Keep loyal fans in-the-know and maximize early sales from this critical audience.

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Preorder Alerts

BookBub Ads

Our self-serve advertising platform offers the flexibility to run ads throughout your preorder period. Target fans of the book’s author to reach not only their followers, but any readers who’ve clicked on their books on BookBub’s platform. Or reach a wider audience of new readers by targeting similar authors’ fans. Fast reporting makes it easy to test different ad copy and figure out what message will resonate with readers during launch.

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BookBub Ads
75 %

of BookBub’s readers have bought a book within its preorder period or one month after launch

Success Story

How One Partner Launched a Bestseller After Promoting a Preorder with BookBub

Warwolf Book Cover
Kathryn Le Veque

“Thanks to this preorder marketing strategy, Warwolfe hit the USA Today list at #110 on release week, and I was absolutely thrilled.”

—Kathryn Le Veque

USA Today bestselling author


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