Featured Deals

BookBub emails millions of readers each day with a curated list of discounted ebooks targeted by category. Our team of editors picks each day’s Featured Deals from hundreds of partner submissions, ensuring we only feature great deals on quality ebooks.

Featured Deals

Why run a Featured Deal?

Drive sales and revenue

Partners see an average 196x increase in earnings from a book during a Featured Deal.

Acquire new fans

95% of BookBub’s readers discover new authors through price promotions and 70% of authors report an increase in sales of their other books after running a Featured Deal.

Generate exposure

The high volume of sales from a Featured Deal can boost an ebook’s visibility on retailer bestseller lists, driving additional sales from readers who aren’t subscribed to BookBub.

Become a bestseller

Hundreds of books hit the New York Times and other bestseller lists each year after their features.

Grow your following

After each Featured Deal, we email any readers who clicked on the book to encourage them to follow the author.

Expand your reach

Retarget any readers who clicked on your Featured Deal with BookBub Ads campaigns in the future.

“Nothing sells as many copies of a book as a Featured Deal. I love watching my retailer rankings rise and go so close to the top. And the afterglow—sales of other books—makes for a win all the way around!”

Brenda Novak

—Brenda Novak
New York Times bestselling author

How it works


Submit a Book

Create a BookBub Partners account and submit an upcoming ebook discount for consideration via the Partner Dashboard.


Await Editorial Review

Our editorial team will review your submission. If selected, you’ll confirm the date and category and pay for the campaign.


Set Your Discount

You coordinate the discount on any retailers you’re including in your deal.


We Send the Deal

Once we confirm the book is discounted on your feature date, we’ll email it to our readers to download and enjoy!

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