Featured New Releases

Our weekly Featured New Release email highlights a curated collection of new releases hand-selected by our editors from hundreds of partner submissions. Reaching millions of readers, these promotions let partners achieve significant scale for their launch campaigns.

Featured New Releases

Why run a Featured New Release?

Reach millions of readers

Each Featured New Release is sent to all eligible US BookBub members subscribed to the relevant category.

Target active book buyers

74% of our members read 4+ books per month, so they are constantly on the hunt for their next read and primed to purchase books they discover on BookBub.

Drive full-priced sales

74% of our readers purchase full-price books as well as deals, and almost half regularly purchase books priced over $10.

Generate exposure

Reaching such a large audience of readers can lead to a high volume of sales and bookmarks from BookBub members, as well as increased awareness, buzz, and word-of-mouth attention for your new book.

Goals you can accomplish using Featured New Releases

How it works


Submit a Book

Submit your new release for consideration via the Partner Dashboard.


Await Editorial Review

Our editorial team will review your submission. If selected, you’ll confirm the date and category and pay for the campaign.


Prepare Your New Release

Make sure the book is available on all the retailers you want included in the promotion.


We Send to Our Members

We’ll email your Featured New Release to our readers in the confirmed category to download and enjoy!

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