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Looking to expand your reader base or get a high volume of sales in a short time? Discounting a book can help you increase visibility, find new fans, boost sales, generate revenue, and even hit bestseller lists — but hoping readers notice the price drop on their own isn’t enough. As the leading platform for promoting discounted ebooks, BookBub can ensure you get the reach you need for a successful promotion.

How to promote a discount with BookBub

Featured Deals

Tell millions of power readers about your ebook discount. Every day, BookBub sends a curated list of the best ebook price promotions to our millions of members, helping partners drive thousands of sales and pushing their books up retailer charts and bestseller lists.

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Featured Deals

BookBub Ads

Use our self-serve advertising platform to promote any ebook sale to a customized audience or bolster a promotion that’s been selected for a Featured Deal. Ads also provide a great way to promote permafree books — run a long-term continuous campaign to drive a steady stream of new readers into your series!

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BookBub Ads
79 %

of books featured in our top 10 categories sell over 1,000 copies during their Featured Deals.

Success Story

How one partner hit the USA Today list for the first time by promoting a discount with BookBub’s marketing tools

The War Planners
Andrew Watts

“Thanks to the BookBub Featured Deal alone, I made it all the way to #15 overall on the Kindle Store, #10 on iTunes, and #1 on Nook. My thumb hurt from taking so many screenshots.”

—Andrew Watts

USA Today bestselling author


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