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Who we are

BookBub is one of the fastest-growing consumer tech startups in Boston (and we’re profitable). Millions of readers use BookBub every day to find great books, and our service empowers thousands of leading publishers and authors to drive sales and find new fans. We’re expanding our team to address the challenges and opportunities of the publishing industry while continuing to help readers find books and authors they’ll love. Learn more about what to expect working at BookBub.

About our rotational program experience

Our rotational program is a unique opportunity for curious, analytically-minded, and empathetic recent graduates to jump into the world of consumer tech and explore their career interests by experiencing full-time roles on three different business teams. 

Each participant is matched to two or three teams based on their skills and interests (some combination of product, marketing, analytics, engineering, and design), paired with a dedicated mentor, and given the opportunity to spend three to four months doing a deep dive on each team. It’s a program designed for learning and development, career exploration, relationship-building, and significant contribution to the business — in other words, both intensive learning and meaningful doing.

At the end of the program, participants will be matched to a long-term role that lives at the intersection of 1) their career aspirations, strengths, and interests, and 2) business opportunities that are high-impact and strategically-important. 

During the program, participants can expect to:

  • Get a deep-dive into the world of consumer tech, startups, and digital publishing
  • Explore their skills, interests, and strengths through hands-on, full-time work across a variety of business teams
  • Receive mentorship, coaching, training, and networking opportunities from experienced leaders
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to solve high-priority business problems at a profitable, high-growth consumer business
  • Land in a long-term role that’s best suited for what they’ve learned about themselves and the business 

Ideal candidates for this position:

  • Are from the graduating class of 2020 (or comparable level of experience)
  • Are excited about the world of startups, consumer tech, and/or digital publishing
  • Have experience in a leadership capacity — whether that’s in classes, clubs, jobs, sports, side-projects, or other internships
  • Have a knack for lateral thinking, problem solving, and big-picture strategy
  • Demonstrate exceptional communication skills and empathy

Our interviewing philosophy

Our goal is to get to know you in a low-pressure, friendly environment — and to give you ample opportunity to learn more about us, too.

Our typical process includes these types of experiences:

  • A resume screen and introductory phone/video chat
  • A take-home exercise where you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your communication and problem-solving skills
  • Additional conversations with your potential future managers, the program manager, and People Operations

We personally review every application, and if we think there might be a fit, we’ll typically reach out via email within a couple weeks to start the conversation. We will always do what we can to be flexible around your personal time commitments, deadlines, and general availability. We know that by joining our interview process, you’re trusting us with your time — so we’ll do our best to run a process for you that’s as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Your interview experience

Our goal is to create an environment where you can interview at your best. If we can provide any assistance or accommodations during your time with us, please let us know at All requests are treated as privately as possible and have no impact on candidate eligibility.


BookBub strives to be an inclusive workplace and we value learning from different perspectives. We seek to foster an environment filled with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or veteran status. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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